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Sodium Carbonate / Soda Ash dense et léger à vendre

Description du produit

Spécifications 1.Soda Ash dense
2. Carbonate de sodium lourd
3.Soda Ash na2co3
4.Purté: 99,2% min
Fournisseur d'or de 5,8 ans

Sodium Carbonate / Soda Ash Dense and Light à vendre Description du produit


White powdered crystal, true specific gravity 2.533(20°C), easily soluble in water, most lubility at 35.4 °C. On exposure to air it easily absorbs moisture, carbon dioxide, and gradually to form a cake.


Keep away from sunlight and moisture,store in well ventilated dry place.


Soda ash is one of the basic materials for chemical industry. Mainly used for metallurgy, glass, textile, dye printing, medicine, synthetic detergent, petroleum and food industry etc.

FSoda Ash Light & Dense Specification sheet

 Soda Ash Light

Soda Ash Dense
Na2CO3  % ≥99.2 ≥99.2
Chloride (as Nacl) % ≤0.7 ≤0.7
Iron (as Fe) % ≤0.0035 ≤0.04
Insoluble Matter in water % ≤0.03


Fineness (180μm) %  --   ≥75
Test result:  The products are superior quality.
Emballage et expédition dans sacs 25kgs, 40kgs, 50kgs, 750kgs, 900kgs, 1000kgs. Nous pourrions personnaliser la base de paquet sur l'exigence des clients.

Why Choose Us ? 

1. Manufactory 

OUR Factory founded in 1933, it is one of the biggest Chemical raw materials manufacturer.The annual outputs of SodiumCarbonateand Ammonium Chloride are 600,000MT each.We have nearly 30years import and export experience since 1985 and we have founded very mature teams for 24hours service.

2. Quality Control 

Our factory is equipped with internationally-advanced laboratory. we take sample for testing every 
2 hours to ensure the quality of our production.We are also one of the national standard setters of sodium carbonate,ammonium chloride,ammonium bicarbonate, and other else products.

3. Unbeatable Prices We continuously strive to find ways of reducing our production costs, and passing the savings to you!


Soda Ash (Sodium Carbonate) is one of the main products,large amount Soda Ash (Sodium Carbonate) are exported in many regions every year. We provide professional services.Strict quality control is indispensable before shipments in order to insure safety and inerrability. We possess customer first to provide safe efficient and convenient services to all around clients.


Informations sur la société
FAQ • Êtes-vous une entreprise ou une société de négoce?
----- Nous sommes usine
• Quel est l'ordre minimum?
----- One Metric Ton
• Comment puis-je obtenir un échantillon pour tester?
----- Veuillez nous envoyer votre adresse, nous vous enverrons gratuitement l'échantillon.
• Où se trouve votre usine? Comment puis-je visiter l'usine?
----- Notre usine située à Tianjin, vous pouvez voler à l'aéroport de Tianjin.

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